Saturday, 4 March 2017 release

A new release.

First of all, the people who say they have a problem with the portal questline, about the undead;
After extensive testing, even in the saves I received, I have yet to find any issues, so:

To the people with issues;

  • I would like for you to try entering and exiting the Rei-Long Oak desert again and again.
The thing is, they only have a certain chance to spawn, but going in and out will force it to happen at some point.

Anyway, here are the updated content:
  • Added stuff to the player city
  • Added an encounter in the player city store.
    • This will be expanded upon later.
That is it for this time. I have also decided to add the map in a different way that I had originally planned, but it will take some time, since I am a dummy at photo-editing, and this will need lots of that. 


And: Important stuffs for patrons and people who are thinking they might want to become!

In order to reward all the smaller rewards as well, a new tier in the patron page has been added.

$1 will now allow you to vote on what the game will work on every now and then.
I did this since a lot of people seem to donate $1 - $5, so this way they will also gain something for their support.

I would like to point out that I will be the one deciding what the vote is about, but the addition should help see what general direction is the most wished for.

Thanks for all of your support, for playing this game! I hope that next week will be more exciting than this one was. Thanks to our patrons and thanks to all of our players! We appreciate all of you!



  1. hi crouler its me again lol
    1. encounter some event at player city store, but cant go outside because the door lead to outside blocked.
    2. quest undead invasion is still ongoing or we can finish the quest? if we can finish it, how many time we had to close the portal?

    for next update i hope u can implementing some content not finished yet such as :
    1. sex scene with DeSeelian at boat (main questline)
    2. event at player city noble's house
    that's it from me, see you until next update

  2. Dude Manrod, huh? That's a weird name to call God.

  3. When I try and download from the mega link i get the message
    that the provided key is invalid, and brings up a box seemingly for this key. Any thoughts/ workarounds?


    This should be the key, if there are any issues with the main download

    Also, I'm sorry for the saves in the game, it was from a save I used to bug test when people sent me saves for the undead invasion questline.


  5. This so bizarre..... That link gives the exact error message as the main link. Still unable to download. Even tried pasting the characters after the / into the key box it brings up with no luck. I've downloaded countless things from mega, never ever seen this before. My apologies for the headache.

    1. I'm not sure what is wrong. Tonight I will upload a new version, if the problem still happens, I will try and figure out an alternate method.


    2. I have no idea myself. Other than it has something to do with downloading encrypted files. I assume you post the download links with the keys? Since that's probably the case, it makes me think mega is to blame. It's their encryption and protocol that isn't working properly.

      I even tried the newest version link with the exact same result.

    3. Again, I apologize for any additional trouble this issue of mine has caused.