Sunday, 16 August 2015


Right, after a few weeks of no release (sorry) I'm back on track. Without further adieu, here is the next release:


  • Added more to the virility questline in Fuar. (Had a lot of requests for this, so decided to go off track and do it) Unfortunately, this involves sex scenes, which take a long time, so not too much new content.
  • Fixed lag in the player-castle area (I hope)
  • Fixed Rei-Long Oak Sailor, that takes you to the cove, where pressing no could fuck shit up.
  • Fixed Gwyens Virgin scene. This is not retroactive, and people who did her already won't be able to see her entire first time sex scene. I only just realized it was broken. May add an option to reset her virginity in the next release.
  • Fixed impregnation sex scenes in the temple to no longer leave a black screen half the time.

That is it for this time. The new bug report system really helped. I had very little time, so the new system was a life saver, as I could find stuff really quickly, getting in a few fixes, rather than none at all!

Anyway, next week I won't be able to do a release, preperations for exam prevents me, but if the other's wish to they can do some stuff. Not sure if they will though :)


  1. Anyone else having trouble with the download link ? Or is it just me ?

    1. I have the same issue , it keep giving me temporary error

  2. And now today it decided to work.

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  4. Totally unrelated but its without further ado. Adieu means goodbye in french.

  5. Just posting to see if Crouler is still alive after studying hard. Liking the game a lot so far. About to post bugs soon after a few play throughs. Was going to bug a lot of editing errors also. But I think one of the others on the project was working on that?

  6. Is the latest point really where the main quest says I should talk to Cial/Lial but talking to them does nothing? I've also been to Carrie's Mansion already.