Saturday, 20 September 2014

Some info on the near future :)

So, hello everyone! It's been a while!

Things have started to settle down, and unfortunately, we have little to show for the long absence of updates. Sorry about that, things have been stressful lately :)

In any case, currently the other members are working on the game as I try to get real life under control. Education is a bitch...

So, basically, I plan on taking time off until Muggins is done with what he is doing and the misspellings and such have been corrected by our newest member. (Once again I can only remember his real name, so I shall not give that on :P)

That is pretty much it for now! I look forward to starting again, as it has been a long time since I last did much on the game and the break has really helped re-spark the flame for the game!

Thanks to all of you for staying with us while so few updates have been here, I hope to make you happy with future content!



  1. Crouler is alive!
    Nice to hear from you

  2. Wow, this many ppl are happy that he is back! O.o ... Ok enough sarcasm. I feel like this means that we will get story updates in the near future (tm) [+/- a couple of months]! :P

  3. It seems the search and rescue party was successful in locating Crouler and bringing him back.