Thursday, 21 March 2013

Keeping you updated

I'm working hard on the next update. (About bloody time, huh?).
I'm still looking for a new mapper, but hey, who isn't?

So far, the quest seems really solid, pretty much bug-free I hope, and
I added some new content. The new quest will introduce a way of acquiring
a lot of new spells, as well as telling the player how to further evolve those
spells. Keep a look at the update-tracker in the right side of the blog to stay
informed on the current progress of this update.

I have no guess as of when the update will be done. It all will depend on the
amount of time I can put into this. Truth be told, the fact that Gegerlan left
is making the future of this game seem either a lot less awesome, or a lot
less certain...

Anyway, so far I'm keeping up, even if it means the maps I'm making are a lot less
defined, and beautiful, but I hope you guys will bear with it.



  1. I dont know a thing about mapping but i really like your game so im hoping that you will continue making it. eventually someone will help you so keep up the good work

  2. I'll have to do with what I can get. I see I still have a lot of hits on the blog every day, but it's just that no one actually writes here or on the forums. I really don't know how many follows the game.

    1. Maybe its cuz that in order to post here you need to have account on blog sites
      Maybe you can change that so more people will post comments